• New homeowner stuck with old satellite dish

    By: Jim Strickland


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Henry County woman's new home came complete with an expensive eyesore.

    Candice Jones called Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland when she had trouble removing a pair of ugly old satellite dishes bolted to her new house.

    DirecTV installed Jones' new satellite dish and took down the old Dish Network gear from the previous owner. The technician left the dishes out front because he could not dispose of the competing company's equipment.

    "I did not even know that they had two satellites out there until the next day and there they were in the yard," said Jones.
    She also found a Dish Network set-top box in her garage. When she called a local dealer she found out that removing the equipment would be costly.

    "They said, 'Well, that's a service call,' and in order for them to come and pick it up they would charge me $100. Why should I pay $100 for you to pick up your property," said Jones.

    The homeowners association was even about to get involved into the dish debate.

    "They just ruined the looks of the community," HOA president Jane Cash said.

    Strickland called Dish Network headquarters and was told a satellite company does charge to remove leased equipment,
    but the cost is billed to the account holder, not the new home owner.

    After Strickland's call, a Dish Network corporate spokesman in Colorado said the company would retrieve the gear at no charge.

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