Police officer comforts baby, mom stranded on the side of the road

KALAMAZOO, Mich — The last thing you want to happen on a hot summer day is to run out of gas — especially when you have a baby in the back seat.

That’s what happened to mom Carmen Higbee one hot summer afternoon this week.

As she was on her way home from the farmer’s market, she pulled over to a gas station to fill up, only to find they were out of gas.

As she continued to drive another two miles down the road, Higbee’s car ran out of gas.

She said her infant daughter was screaming in the backseat, and the temperature inside the car quickly started to rise.


As they waited on a tow truck, Higbee called for a police officer so she and her daughter could sit inside the air conditioned patrol car while they waited for a tow.

As they cooled off in the officer’s car, she told Higbee to cancel the tow. Instead, the officer called a fellow cop who brought a gas can.

“After putting gas in my car, she followed me to the gas station to make sure I got there okay,” wrote Higbee.

“While I was in the car with Larison, we got to talking, and I asked her if she wanted to hold Myla. I have never seen her smile so big and talk to much!” wrote Hiigbee.

She said the moment made her think about all that’s been going on with law enforcement.

“These men and women only want to do good, they have hearts too. Don’t let the very few who aren’t, be the image you portray for all of them,” wrote Higbee.