• Officer goes beyond the call of duty to help an overwhelmed mom

    By: Kimberly Richardson


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - We've all seen it before: A mother desperately needing help as she's with upset children running errands.

    But how many times does she ever ask for help, or have help offered to her?

    Well, on Nov. 10, one family received some much-appreciated love and kindness.

    While Madison Gail Obrien was at a grocery store in Kennesaw, she witnessed an officer asking a mother if he could help her get her upset children out of the car.

    She gladly accepted and they walked into the grocery store. Obrien then said the officer proceeded to grab a buggy for the mother and told her he hoped she had a great night. The mother thanked him, and they walked their separate ways.


    Obrien and her roommate finished up their shopping about 30 minutes later and saw the "all-star mommy" again, this time with her grabbing the buggy with one hand, a baby on her hip in the other and a toddler trailing behind her footsteps.

    "We watched as the toddler picked up a small toy and asked his mom if he could have it," Obrien said.

    Obrien said the mother replied, "I'm sorry baby, we can't get that today."

    The toddler began to cry and followed his mother to the checkout in a puddle of tears.

    Then, all of a sudden, the same officer walked back up to the little boy and asked him if he still wanted the toy.

    The boy shook his head yes, still with tears running down his face, and the officer took the boy's hand, picked out the toy and proceeded not only to buy the toy, but this mother's entire grocery cart of food as well.

    "We watched in amazement at this superhero cop and his giving heart!" Obrien said.

    Obrien said the officer wasn't doing it for publicity, or to look good -- he didn't even have an idea anyone was watching.

    "He was just a good person trying to do something good," Obrien said.

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