Marietta boy sees colors for first time with corrective glasses (VIDEO)

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A boy from Cobb County is finally able to see all the colors of the rainbow so many of us take for granted.

Cameron Frink, 6, of Marietta is colorblind.

His mother Erin Frink said when Cameron was just 3 years old, a teacher of his noticed he was having some problems with colors.

"We have a family history of it," Erin said.

But that didn't stop Cameron from progressing at school and having a positive attitude. However, just one week ago, the 6-year-old's life changed forever.


In a video shown on "Good Morning America," Cameron is seen wearing a pair of special glasses that allowed him to see color for the first time. 

So excited by what he saw, the video showed Cameron saying, "Can I wear these glasses to school? I'm going to wear them forever!" 

Cameron said it's been amazing, that, "There's been so much colors."

He said his favorite color is red. 

In tears on "Good Morning America," Erin said the entire experience has been indescribable.

"You see all these videos on Facebook and YouTube of all these first and I never thought I'd experience it," Erin said.

Erin and Cameron said they can't wait to explore the world together in color.

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