Decatur firefighters shoot colored water for unforgettable baby gender reveal

Gender reveal from Decatur firefighters

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Some local firefighters had A LOT of fun announcing the gender of a baby.

Gender announcement parties are becoming more and more common and many times the way of announcing the gender, using blue or pink colors, are getting more and more creative.

For the Decatur City firefighters, they used what they had and just a little bit of magic to surprise a firefighter and his pregnant wife.

Firefighter Adam Bostic posted the video of the Sunday surprise in which two buckets, one with blue water and one with pink water, were sitting side by side.


The parents-to-be, Justin Tubbs, and his wife Erica Tubbs, stood feet away holding the fire hose, not knowing which color would spray out.

Moments later, bright pink water shot out into the air while friends and family cheered along.

Congratulations to the happy couple!