• Man accused of killing cop complains about jail conditions

    By: Ryan Young


    ATHENS, Ga.,None - A man accused of killing a police officer went before a judge Wednesday to complain about the conditions behind bars.

    Jamie Hood told a judge he was upset because he believes people are making him out to be a monster.

    Hood is accused of fatally shooting Athens-Clarke County Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and wounding another officer last year. He then surrendered to police on live television after days of being on the run from police.

    Channel 2's Ryan Young was in the courtroom where he said Hood could not control his outbursts.

    "I got this on my chest, and I've had it on my chest. I don't want this district attorney or any other law official to forget Jamie Hood is the one volunteering to turn himself in," Hood said to the court.

    Young said Hood didn't say much about his court case during the pretrial hearing, where at the end Hood couldn't contain himself.

    "If I'm a cop killer, I could have easily killed someone else. I was right there with them and they were close to me and you and they could see that I didn't touch them. If I'm wrong about something I accept my wrongness, but I will not come here, standing here, so someone can tell no lies on me," Hood said.


    Hood admitted in court that last year he did something very wrong and is man enough to face it.

    Senior Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian was fatally shot, and Senior Officer Tony Howard was shot in the face during a traffic stop.

    The judge tried to keep Hood quiet during Wednesday's hearing. Hood's defense team even tried to silence him, but Hood said he had something to get off his chest.

    During his statement Hood complained about the temperature of the cell, saying it was too cold, didn't like the fact he wasn't able to spend enough time on the phone, plus several other complaints.


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