Zell Miller releases ad throwing support to Michelle Nunn

ATLANTA — Former Georgia Sen. and Gov. Zell Miller is shocking the political world once again by announcing that he will endorse Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn after 10 years of endorsing high profile Georgia Republicans.
A new campaign ad released by one of Georgia's most popular elected officials is sending shock waves throughout the political world.
Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary obtained a copy of the ad that shows Miller throwing his support behind Nunn.
She's a bridge builder, not a bridge burner," Miller said in the ad. "Michelle Nunn gives this ol' Georgian hope."
Ten years ago, Miller surprised a lot of people when the lifelong Democrat was selected as the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, endorsing President Georgia W. Bush and attacking John Kerry in his unique southern style.
"This is the man who wants to be Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces?  Armed with what? Spitballs?" Miller said during his speech to the RNC.
Miller went on to endorse several high-profile Georgia Republicans including Sen. Saxby Chambliss instead of Democrat Jim Martin.
That move forced Martin to fire back at Miller.
"Gov. Miller has lost his rudder," Martin said about Miller at the time.
In the new ad, Miller echoes his sentiments from 10 years ago that he's angry about what's going on in Washington where it's partisanship over patriotism.
Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane told Geary that this is a significant endorsement for Nunn.
"I can't think of a Republican or Democrat who is held in higher regard," Crane said. "It's good political theater and I think it's a smart move."

A David Perdue spokesperson released this statement:

"The one sure way to continue the dysfunction and partisanship in Washington is to vote for Barack Obama and Harry Reid's hand-picked candidate, Michelle Nunn. She supports the same failed policies that have led to the unacceptable results we are getting from our federal government. David Perdue brings fresh ideas to solving the tough problems we face in order to create a stronger Georgia and brighter future for our country."