• Women upset after they said Aaron's had them arrested


    ATLANTA - Two local women said they were arrested and thrown in jail after missing payments to Aaron's rental company.

    Now one woman is suing, claiming it's a civil matter, not criminal.

    "They should think of the consequences it's going to have on your life on your family," the Loganville woman said, asking not to be identified.

    She admits she fell behind, but said when Aaron's showed up to her home demanding money she told them to take the washer and dryer, she couldn't afford it.

    She said the company refused to take the appliances and had her arrested her for theft by conversion.

    And she's not the only one.

    Shantel Jackson told Channel 2's Liz Artz she has filed a civil suit against Aarons for false imprisonment after she was arrested.

    "It was traumatizing. I cried a lot. I spent most of my time crying," Jackson told Artz about the experience.

    Jackson said Aaron's came after her after she stopped making payments on a broken TV she claims they wouldn't replace.

    She said the TV was then stolen during a burglary.

    "They told me I was lying. They know the TV was in my home," Jackson said.

    Jackson's attorney Cary Wiggins, said it's a civil matter not criminal.

    "You do not have them arrested. There is no debtor's prison in this country. Hasn't been that way since the 19th century," Wiggins told Artz.

    Wiggins said the prosecution declined to pursue this case.

    Channel 2 Action News also talked to an Aaron’s customer who has said Aaron’s has always worked with him if he had to make a late payment.

    An Aaron's representative said in a statement, "Aaron’s, Inc. cares about our customers and for 58 years has been building solid relationships with our customers and communities.  Our culture is to work with each and every one of our customers to ensure that every effort is made to bring them to full lease-ownership of our products.

    "We cannot comment on specific customer situations, but we do work diligently with all of our customers and undergo exceptional efforts, fostering communication with them to understand individual situations. "

    Artz talked with the deputy chief at the Loganville Police Department. He said usually when people are arrested for theft by conversion they've received a certified letter and have been given a certain amount of time to return the appliances.

    He was not speaking on these specific cases.

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    Women upset after they said Aaron's had them arrested