Woman home from college killed in wreck at dangerous intersection

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Friends and family want to see changes to a Coweta County intersection after a young woman was killed in a terrible crash while home from college.

College student Jamie Flowers, 22, was in Coweta County to visit her mother when her life was cut short Friday night.

"There are no words," family friend Levi Robinson told Channel 2's Carl Willis. "Twenty-two years old, about to graduate. She's a motivating encourager."

Flowers was riding in a car with two friends- Quanesha Parks and the driver, Darnesha Parks - who pulled out onto Minix Road at Weatherstone Way.

Their car was hit by a pickup truck driven by a 16 year old.

The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating, but Darnesha, who is still in intensive care, could very well be charged for failure to yield.

"That’s the part I’m troubled about and baffled about,” Robinson said.

The victim's family told Willis that driver almost have to nose out into the intersection to see anything if you’re stopped at the intersection.

Robinson said he wants the public to see the devastation of the crash because he believes speed may have been a factor in the crash.


Robinson said the intersection is dangerous due to the poor sight lines.

Neighbors agree.

"It's so far back that when they painted it there it didn't make any sense," neighbor Jose Aponte told Willis.

Willis spoke to the teen driver's mother. She said they're leaving the investigation in the hands of the GSP and are confident the boy will be cleared.

Jamie's family isn't as confident and are concerned by what they say has been a lack of communication by investigators to this point.

"It's just my hope and my prayer that the actual investigation, that it's being investigated fairly on both ends," Robinson said.

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