Waffle House customer: 'I'll go to (expletive) jail over some barbecue sauce'

Willie Edward Drake was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge after the incident at Waffle House.

BIBB COUNTY, Ga. — Things got hot at a Waffle House in Middle Georgia this week over a customer’s request for barbecue sauce.

Early Tuesday, a man sat down for some food at the restaurant on Riverside Drive near I-75 in Macon, according to the Macon Telegraph.

Willie Edward Drake, 43, of Columbus, asked for some barbecue sauce, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s report.

Drake was told the restaurant had none, and then things got spicy, according to the sheriff’s report.


The man “then began screaming obscenities and insulting” the workers, then added: “I’ll go to (expletive) jail over some barbecue sauce!” the report said.

And soon, he did.

When deputies arrived, Drake was “uncooperative and disorderly," according to police.

He was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge, the newspaper reported.

This article was written by Steve Burns, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.