Asst. police chief's home among damaged properties in violent crime spree

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga — Investigators told Channel 2 Action News someone put bullet holes in an assistant police chief's house.

Deputies told Channel 2's Matt Johnson the same people also shot an assistant police chief's car, stole two vehicles and broke into several others.


Bullet holes are both outside and inside the home that belongs to Monroe's assistant police chief.

"When I heard the gunshots I know something wasn't right," said victim Brian Digby.

Digby lives a few doors down on Country Walk, and said minutes after he heard the shooting, he realized he was a victim too.

"I couldn't see anything and when I looked over to the driveway, I noticed that the truck was gone," he said.

His truck was one two vehicles stolen out of the neighborhood Sunday at around 4:30 a.m.

Officials with the Newton County Sheriff's Office said thieves also broke into nine cars.

Authorities believe the same thieves fired into the house while Monroe's assistant police chief was there with his wife and three kids.

"When you do stuff like that that's not funny anymore, that's the intent to hurt someone," Digby said.

The family didn't want to talk to us on camera but gave us pictures of the bullet holes and they say that no one was hurt.

The Sheriff's Office will be adding patrols in the area in the wake of the crime spree that terrified the officer's family.

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