Video shows man clinging to car after hit-and-run

ROSWELL, Ga. — Elton Kim isn't a Hollywood stuntman, but you wouldn't know it based on the video he gave Channel 2 Action News that shows him clinging to the hood of a car speeding down Holcomb Bridge Road.
"Very dangerous," the Roswell dry cleaner told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik of the situation.  "I'm lucky, very lucky."
Kim told Petchenik the situation unfolded two weeks ago when he tried to confront a woman who had just backed into his wife's SUV in the parking lot outside his dry cleaners.
"I said 'Stop it' three times," he said.  "Then, I go to the front of the car."
Instead of stopping, Kim said the woman accelerated into him, and his instinct was to jump on the hood.  As horrified witnesses watched, Kim said the woman took off down Holcomb Bridge Road for nearly 2 miles.
"He could have been really hurt had he slipped off," said his wife, Theresa.  "I don't think she intentionally wanted to hurt him, but for some reason she never stopped to say she was sorry."
Roswell police told Petchenik they intend to charge the driver with felony aggravated assault, if and when they find her.  Police said her car had out-of-state plates, which, according to Kim, were from Alabama.
"The detective is getting together a lineup to help positively identify the driver so she can take out warrants," said Officer Lisa Holland.
Holland said while police don't condone the driver's behavior, they also want to discourage citizens from taking matters into their hands.
"We do not want people to stand in front of a car to prevent it from leaving," said Holland.  "Just get a description of the driver, the car, the tag number and let police do their job."
Kim said he was shaken by the incident, but thankful he wasn't seriously hurt or killed.
"I'm healthy and it's not a problem, so now it's OK," he said.