• Vet: Cat's tail burned off in cruel Halloween prank


    JOHNS CREEK, Ga. - An animal rescue group is helping out a black cat that ran into some life-threatening trouble, that may have happened on Halloween night.

    Veterinarian Brad Miller is helping the green-eyed black cat named Ilyssa. She ended up in Fulton County's Animal Control on Nov. 1.

    "It does appear that she does have a chemical and possibly even a fire type of burn wound over her rump region and it involves the entire length of her tail," Miller said.

    Some think the injuries could have been from a Halloween prank gone too far. The injuries were so severe that her tail was basically dead; there was no blood supply and inches are missing.

    "The first thing we're going to need to do is go ahead and surgically amputate the tail that is not alive," Miller said.

    The surgery and medical attention are done at a steep discount for Fur Kids Inc., the organization that came to Ilyssa's rescue.

    While she is expected to make a full recovery, the extent of the physical damage, as well as the cost has yet to fully be determined.

    "She's actually very lucky that it's not a larger area of her body," Miller said.

    Furkids Inc. stepped in and with the help of Miller at Abbots Bridge Animal Hospital, they are getting Ilyssa medical attention and back in good health so that she can hopefully be adopted to a good home.

    "At this point, moving forward, she definitely needs to become an inside cat. I don't want her to get into trouble in an outside world again," Miller said.

    For information on helping Ilyssa, click  HERE.

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