The Varsity discontinues popular meal item on the menu for 92 years

ATLANTA — A longtime staple on the menu at The Varsity is no longer there for fans to drink.

For the first time in 92 years, the quintessential Atlanta restaurant says it will not carry its P.C or “Plain Chocolate” milk anymore.

The Varsity explained that its partner, Mayfield Dairy Farms, will no longer be able to package the product due to supply-chain issues. They said it was unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The restaurant reopened in April but says it’s been unable to stock the item.

“We wish we could have given you all the chance to enjoy it one last time,” The Varsity wrote in a Facebook post.

For many fans, the C.P. is legendary.

“That’s like apple pie and baseball, man! You can’t get rid of that!” said Varsity customer Mickey Dennis.

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The Varsity says it hopes to bring back its chocolate milk at some point using a different vendor, but right now, there is no timeline.

So what happened to the leftover the chocolate milk? The Varsity says it donated it.

We are sad to inform you that we will no longer be serving the P.C or "Plain Chocolate" Milk. Our longtime partner,...

Posted by The Varsity on Wednesday, June 10, 2020