• Unruly passenger forcibly removed from Atlanta flight


    ATLANTA - A flight attendant and pilot had to calm a plane filled with people when an unruly passenger began screaming.

    It happened on board a Spirit Airlines flight that landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Friday.

    For unknown reasons the man went berserk on Flight 404 from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    A fellow passenger recorded part of the chaos and posted the video to YouTube.

    "There's a bomb on the plane! If she takes me off, I'll blow the (expletive) plane up," the man could be heard saying on the video as police officers removed him from the jet.

    The pilot said the passenger had outbursts throughout the entire flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta and even started throwing items at fellow passengers.

    So the pilot asked for police to meet the flight at the gate.

    Passengers appeared to have remained calm as flight attendants asked them for their continued cooperation.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, it's imperative that everyone remain seated with their seat belts fastened. Please sit down, thank you," said a flight attendant on the video.

    Once Atlanta police removed the passenger the pilot addressed the situation.

    "Folks, it will just be a few more minutes, please remain seated. We'll let you know. I appreciate everyone's cooperation. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone on board that airplane today for that," the pilot said.

    Police forcibly escorted the passenger from the plane and concluded he was mentally ill or having some psychotic breakdown.

    The man was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

    Spirit Airlines said no one was injured and nothing illegal or dangerous was found when they searched the plane.

    Atlanta police said they have no plans to bring charges against this passenger. Investigators have not released the man's name.

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