T.I. says Atlanta Falcons fans want Matt Ryan to take a one-way ticket out of town

ATLANTA — Atlanta rapper T.I. says its time for the Atlanta Falcons to get a new quarterback and he thinks most fans agree with him.

“I would love to see Matt Ryan get on a very nice train, plane or automobile with a one way ticket to elsewhere. That’s what I would like.” T.I. said on ESPN’s First Take.

There are questions surrounding the future of the Falcons quarterback after the teams 0-5 start and firing of their general manager and head coach.

“I think I have the authority to speak freely on behalf of all the Atlantans who celebrate the Falcons. It’s unanimous," T.I. said.

Ryan has said he wants to play into his 40s, but Falcons owner Arthur Blank would not commit to his long term future at a news conference on Monday.

Ryan has a huge $100 million contract that will take up nearly $41 million of the teams salary cap. He’s just three seasons removed from being the league MVP.

The Falcons have hired a national firm to begin their search for a general manager and coach. They’ll try to get their first win on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

T.I. is not the only angry fan of the Falcons. One metro Atlanta woman collected all of her family’s Falcons merchandise and lit it on fire.

Hear what T.I. had to say about Matt Ryan on First Take: