This really happened: Man fakes seizure to avoid arrest, but it didn’t work

After police put Darryl Gang -- the man?s real name -- in handcuffs, he fell over.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a career criminal tried to lie his way out of another arrest, and even faked a seizure.

Channel 2 Action News has video of what police call a failed attempt.

When a Duluth officer approached the oddly parked car, he just wanted to make sure everyone was OK.

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He had noticed a broken window and bullet holes.

Police thought the passenger was acting oddly, saying that he gave them a fake name.

Officer in body cam footage: So Jesse is not your name.

Suspect: Jesse is my name.

Officer: What’s your name?

Suspect: Jesse Davenport.

After police put Darryl Gang -- the man’s real name -- in handcuffs, he fell over.

“Subject is having a seizure,” an officer is heard saying in bodycam video.

Police called for help but quickly realized Gang was faking it. They said he broke his fall with his hand and kept looking up to see if they were watching as he shook.

“Seeing the K-9 officer show up and more officers show up, we believe that’s when he kind of tried to get out of being arrested,” Officer Ted Sadowski said.

Later, in the back of an ambulance, bodycam video shows Gang admitting he faked it.

Gwinnett County jail records show that Gang has faced more than 100 charges since 2001 and has been to prison five times.

Police said that they found drugs and syringes in the car. All that from what was supposed to be a routine check.

The driver of the car Gang was in was also charged.

“He (the officer) was just walking up asking them if they were OK,” Sadowski said.