• Teen busted for allegedly selling pot brownies outside Walmart

    By: Tom Regan


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - Police said they seized pot brownies and crispy treats outside a local Walmart – and they said a teenager was selling them. 

    Douglas County investigators said they received a tip that 19-year-old Addae Simmons was selling pot brownies and other treats through posts he put on Instagram.

    “People would friend him on Instagram, and he would do a little check on them, make sure he felt comfortable, and if he felt comfortable they would make a purchase and he would deliver for them,” said Douglasville Police major J.R. Davidson.

    Undercover officers placed an order with the teen and agreed to meet him twice in the parking lot of the Douglasville Walmart

    After they second purchase, they arrested Simmons.


    Police said seized pot-infused brownies and other THC-laced treats. They suspect Simmons had a thriving illicit bakery business.

    “It appeared he may have been targeting high school students on his Instagram account. There was a link to a survey and it asked questions such as what high school you attend, how and stuff like that,” Simmons said.

    Police charged Simmons with five felony counts.

    Some people think that may be a little harsh, but others Channel 2 Action News spoke to said the teen knew what he was doing was illegal.

    “If some out there is selling it, they get caught, they need to go to jail,” said resident Lorraine Mitchell. “You think this is serious stuff. Oh yeah, especially if you're giving it to kids.

    The WellStar Douglas Medical Center medical director cited the tragic death of college student in 2014. He jumped off a balcony after consuming six times the recommended doses of a marijuana cookie.

    The autopsy stated marijuana intoxication as a significant contributing factor. 

    “He became psychotic, another bad side effect of that, and leapt four stories to his death,” said Dr. Tayari Mchezhai.

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