‘There is a God:” Teachers gift car to Henry County school custodian

LOCUST GROVE, Ga. — The teachers and staff at Unity Grove Elementary are setting good examples of what to do for the young scholars they influence every day.

Teachers noticed that one of their co-workers, head custodian Mr. Chris, walked to work every day.

He didn’t let his lack of transportation stop him from keeping up with his responsibility to the school and the students.

Two teachers, Megan MacDonald and Jodi Combs, heard that Mr. Chris was looking to buy a car. He had $1,500 saved.

MacDonald and Combs secretly found a car they knew Mr. Chris would love, but it cost a little bit more than he had to offer. So they put a call out to other teachers to help them raise enough money to cover the difference.

They were able to raise the money in minutes.

In a viral video that has been viewed over 2 million times, Mr. Chris walks out to the car and his co-workers hand the stunned custodian the keys.

In the video, Mr. Chris slowly comes to the realization that the car is his.

“There is a God,” he shouts. “Oh my stars. I thank you all.”


Once he got his joy and excitement under control, Mr. Chris thanked everyone who poured this blessing into his life.

“This is mind-blowing to me,” Mr. Chris said. “As we were walking up I was thinking like, ‘This is a nice car.’”

“Well, let’s see you in it,” one of the teachers said.