Teacher accused of stealing money raised for cheerleading trip

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police arrested a local high school teacher accused of stealing money raised to send teenagers on a cheerleading trip to Florida.

Police say the now former high school cheerleading coach, Kenisha Washington, 35, stole more than $33,000 in total. Washington has since resigned from the high school in Clayton County.

Police say some of that money was raised by parents to send their daughters to a cheerleading camp in Panama City, Florida.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to one parent by phone who says she trusted Washington and now she and other parents want their money back.

Officers say the money was donated by parents and collected from fundraisers for the school’s Charles Drew Cheerleading Fund, but Washington never gave the money to the school's bookkeeper. Instead, police say she deposited it into another account.

Police say the money has never been recovered.

Officers say Washington also forged her principal's name on a purchase order for nearly $9,600 to pay for a cheerleading camp in Florida. Some students were still able to go, but others were not.

Washington's attorney says her client doesn't admit to stealing the full $33,000. She says her client is cooperating with authorities.

Washington is facing felony theft by conversion and first-degree forgery.

Washington went before a judge Thursday and received a $20,000 bond.

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