Take a shot, get a shot: Local bar offering free COVID-19 vaccines

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A Douglas County pharmacy is working with an unlikely partner to make sure people are getting their COVID-19 vaccine – a local restaurant and bar.

For the last few weeks, Tito’s Lounge has become a vaccination site for two days a week.

Sequandra Crittondon said it was a lot easier going to Tito’s than one of the state’s mass vaccination sites.

“Perfect for me, right here. Location is great -- downtown Douglasville,” Crittondon said.

Tito’s lounge is serving up doses of the Moderna vaccine. They partnered with Premier Drugstore to bring a community vaccine location to Douglasville.

We're live at Tito's Lounge today until 5pm with Moderna COVID vaccines. We have first and second doses available! Anyone 18 and up is eligible for a vaccine. See you at Tito's! 💉💉💉

Posted by Premier Drugstore on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

“We come out those four walls and take it to the streets,” said Douglasville councilman Sam Davis.

Davis came up with the idea and brought the local businesses together. He’s also their biggest advertiser.

“Just like a 4th of July parade, I wave at people and they turn and see the sign,” Davis said.

Standing outside waving, Davis brings them in for the free vaccine, open to anyone who can just walk in with no appointment.

“It was really convenient and nice doing this for the community. Really happy to support local business too,” said Erin Evdon, who got the vaccine.


The lounge’s owner, Tito Arrington, opens early on vaccine days, offering a menu of food and drinks for those waiting after getting their shot or just a nice place to wait and hang out.

He hopes it will draw people back in when they’re only serving up the other kind of shots.

“I think it will definitely make us come back again sometime for fun,” Evdon said.

Tito’s has only been open since a few months ago, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Arrington said he has seen business picking up as more get vaccinated and find out they’re there.

By the end of the day about 200-250 doses will have been given. The lounge plans to be open for vaccinations again next week, opening all day Tuesday and Wednesday.