• Stolen home movies mysteriously returned

    By: Craig Lucie


    HALL COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Hall County family says a burglar returned treasured home movies of their children.

    Channel 2's Craig Lucie talked to the Freeman family earlier this week when someone burglarized their home. The Freemans told Lucie they didn't care about the jewelry and laptop that were taken, only a box filled with more than 20 home videos. Friday morning the videos mysteriously showed up on their front step.

    "I think it was a miracle in a lot of ways," Matthew Freeman said.

    Freeman said he was beginning to lose hope that he would never see the home videos of his two young children again. Freeman said he has documented the moment Jess and Julius were born until the present. He wanted his sons, now 4 and 5 years old, to be able to watch themselves grow up and cherish the moments they had with their grandmother who recently passed away.

    "They say if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be like a million," Freeman said.


    Freeman said he would have paid the burglar who stole the tapes $1 million dollars to return them if he had it. Instead he put up fliers around the neighborhood offering a $1,000 reward. The fliers said "please, we need a miracle."

    "It's a real Thanksgiving gift," Anjana Freeman said.

    Gainesville police told Lucie 18-year-old Mario Garcia admitted to breaking into the Freeman's home Tuesday, but he says he didn't have the tapes.

    "It does appear that there is someone else involved," Master Police Officer Kevin Holbrook said.

    Police don't know if Garcia had an accomplice or a family member of his drop the tapes off. The Freemans are just glad someone returned their memories.

    "I have to thank them for that regardless of anything they may have done. I have to thank them for that act," Matthew Freeman explained.

    Freeman said the first thing he is going to do is make a copy of all of the videos and after that they are going to sit down and enjoy them this weekend.

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