Spalding County

New video shows intensity of tornado that swept through Spalding County earlier this month

SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. — The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office has released new video of one of the several tornadoes that ripped through the area earlier this month.

The sheriff released dashcam video of one of the storms that ravaged Spalding County near the intersection of Highway 16 West and McDonough Road.

In the video, you can see the car that the dash camera is mounted in, pull up behind a tractor-trailer.

They go through an intersection, and you can see the traffic lights blowing back and forth as they drive under them.

Then, traffic comes to a stop.

At that point, you can see the rain get more intense and moments later, the tractor-trailer blows over from the intense wind and is even blown into the other lane of the road once it’s on the ground.


The storm swept through Georgia on Jan. 12, causing destruction across more than half a dozen counties in North Georgia.

Spalding County was one of seven that were declared federal disaster areas.

Shortly after the storms passed, the Spalding County Sheriff said there was at least $17 million in damage across the county, and he expected that number to go up.

Between the city of Griffin, which was one of the hardest hit areas by the storms, and the county as a whole, roughly 2,100 homes were damaged with an additional 100 or more destroyed.

A FEMA disaster recovery center has opened in Spalding County where storm survivors can meet one-on-one with FEMA representatives to get help with recovery efforts.


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