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‘This situation infuriates me.’ Stray bullet kills man in front of College Park restaurant

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — College Park police say a man who was killed in front of a restaurant was minding his own business and was hit by an errant bullet.

Police also say the victim was a distance from the altercation that led to the gunfire.

A worker at Legend Cafe showed Channel 2′s Tom Jones where the man, who police say was in his late 40s or early 50s, fell outside the restaurant.

“He was standing right there and fell,” he said.

The shooting happened just before 1 a.m. early Monday at the eatery located on Old National Highway and Godby Road.

Maj. Lance Patterson with the College Park Police Department said the victim was not bothering anyone when he was shot.


“He just happened to be in front of Legend Cafe on Old National. Walking by and was struck by an errant bullet,” Patterson said.

Police say there was some type of altercation in the gas station parking lot across the street. Shots were fired.

One bullet found its way across the street, where it hit the victim.

“This situation infuriates me,” Kion Weeks said.

He lives in the area and was angry over the senseless loss of life.

“This isn’t another person. That’s a whole life that just left. Someone’s grandson isn’t making it home tonight. And we got to stop this in our community,” Weeks said.

Police are looking at surveillance video and say they do have a person of interest.

“We do have someone we’re looking at. We’re trying to speak with to give their story,” Patterson said.

Police are not releasing the victim’s name until all of his next of kin are notified. Once again, they would like to speak to the person of interest to hear their side of the story.

They are not releasing that person’s name right now.

Contact College Park police if you have any information.