South Fulton County

‘Let us go’: South Fulton homeowners discuss efforts to de-annex from city

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — Several residents of the City of South Fulton say they want to separate from the community, after saying they’re dissatisfied with the city’s services.

“Something needs to be done, because the city as it is, is pretty dysfunctional,” Little said.

One by one, South Fulton homeowners spoke during a town hall meeting at the state capital Thursday morning.

State Representatives Mesha Mainor and Matt Reeves hosted the meeting.

“I am neutral in this position,” Mainor told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Ashli Lincoln.

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Mainor said for two years South Fulton residents have been reaching out to her office after their elected officials ignored residents’ complaints. Homeowners have gathered more than 1,600 signatures so far in a petition to de-annex from South Fulton.

“They continue to get signatures, but now they’re well over a thousand and really this is the next step, putting their voices on record,” Mainor said.

Steve Little who started the petition says allegations of corruption, mismanagement of funds, and bad business practices are some of the reasons they want to break away.

“We’re in the news constantly, and it’s pretty embarrassing,” Little said.

This year, Channel 2 Action News has reported on challenges surrounding trash collection services, the arrest of the mayor after he was accused of trespassing, and the city improperly issuing business licenses.


“I’m continuing to advocate for the City of South Fulton,” said Senator Donzella James.

While a lot of criticism was levied at the city, several people spoke out against de-annexation.

“I’m for us remaining a city, I’m a fight it…we are young, we’ve only been through two full elections,” South Fulton resident Calvin Bennett said.

House Bill 374 passed this year and it lowers the bar for residents wanting de-annexing.

Currently, residents have to petition the county, which would then go to the city on the residents’ behalf. City officials can then choose to deny or approve the de-annexing request.

But under this bill, the city would not have veto powers, unless it can show how de-annexing is detrimental to residents.

The majority of the signatures were from residents who live in District 1 and District 2, the northern part of South Fulton.

In a statement from the City of South Fulton, officials said they valued the input and concerns of the city’s residents, and that they were aware of Rep. Mainor’s town hall meeting about the issue.

Continuing their commentary, city officials said the following, in part:

“As a city, our primary focus remains on running South Fulton with excellence, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our residents. We understand that opinions on matters like de-annexation can vary, and we encourage open and constructive conversations to find common ground. The City of South Fulton will continue to engage in transparent communication with our citizens, elected representatives, and community leaders to address concerns and explore viable solutions. We believe that fostering a collaborative approach will contribute to the overall success and harmony of our city.”

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