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Police need help identifying teen whose body was dumped behind East Point home

EAST POINT, Ga. — Police need the public’s help solving a tragedy in East Point. Someone killed a teenager and then dumped her body behind a home.

Investigators released a sketch of the young victim Tuesday afternoon.

East Police Chief Shawn Buchanan told Channel 2′s Tom Jones that his department has spent the last 72 hours searching for clues all the way to Newnan to figure out who the girl is and who killed her.

Neighbors near where she was found along Ben Hill Road told Jones they can’t believe someone could be so cruel.

“How do you do that to somebody? How do you do that to anybody? But a child?” one neighbor asked, but did not give her name.

People who live on Ben Hill Road near where police found the badly beaten body of the teenage girl to the side of a vacant home were shocked by the discovery.

“I am deeply disturbed by it. It’s not OK. It’s someone’s daughter,” the neighbor said.

The problem is that police don’t know whose daughter it is.

“We have combed through hours and hours of missing photos trying to locate this young lady,” Buchanan said.


Someone spotted the partially nude body of the girl around noon on Saturday. She is believed to be between the ages of 14 and 17.

The neighbor told Jones that she saw police investigating and walked to the scene.

“I felt sick to my stomach at first. And then I just felt really worried for my own children’s safety,” the neighbor said.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation forensic artist Kelly Lawson developed the sketch of the victim.

“This sketch … is 100% accurate,” Buchanan said.

The chief told Jones that the victim was wearing a gold necklace that said “2005.” She was also wearing an anklet with the word “Wixked.”

“We really want to locate the victim’s family and identify her,” Buchanan said.

Neighbors want the same.

“It’s scary to hear that something like that happened this close to where I live,” the neighbor said.

Anyone with information on this case or who the girl may be is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.


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