Gang violence at Walmart has some shoppers calling for more security

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police now say a deadly shooting at a Walmart was sparked by rival gangs opening fire on one another. The gang violence has some shoppers calling for more security.

"This was a place for them to come and do what they did," shopper Vanessa Mosely explained.

She wasn't surprised to hear police say it was gangs shooting Sunday night when one man was killed and two others injured in the Walmart parking lot in Research Center Drive. She has a theory why the shooting happened here.

"Seems to me they are running them from the gas stations and they have to find another place to gather," she pointed out.

The nearby gas stations saw numerous carjackings and thefts from cars last year before authorities cracked down.


Now some are calling for a crackdown at the Walmart. That's after the deadly shooting and after the store saw 27 incidents involving burglaries, robberies, auto thefts or thefts from cars last year.

"I can take my money elsewhere if they don't get security out here soon," Mosely said.

Some shoppers are calling for more security and that's not all.

"A little bit more policing. But a little more community service a little more community involvement," the Rev. Gary Pless said.

Fulton County Chairman John Eaves says the Walmart is crucial to the area.

"It adds to our tax base. It creates jobs and it provides a retail options for people who live over here," he said.

Eaves hopes the shooting is an isolated incident. Yet, he is still urging Walmart to beef up security.

A Walmart spokesperson says the store has sufficient security.  The store says there is a police officer outside and more security inside the public might not see.

Shopper Donald Scott says the store may need more security. But he says gang members also need to seek peace.

Or else they could end up like his son. "Everybody need to put the guns down. My son was killed in 2013," Scott said.

He says his son was murdered hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Eaves says the area is not crime-ridden and he urged shoppers to continue to buy their goods here. He just asked that they be more vigilant about their safety.