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Family distraught after shooting death of man at gas station

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A South Fulton family is preparing to say their final goodbye to a man shot and killed during an attempted carjacking while he was pumping gas last week.

It happened Oct. 6 at a Chevron station on Roosevelt Highway in College Park.

Police said Kenneth Oglesby was killed before he even had a chance to hand over his car keys.

“He was preparing to go to Ohio for his niece's funeral who was killed in a horrible car wreck,” said the victim’s longtime girlfriend Robyn McDonald.

Family members are now planning his funeral.

“I’m heartbroken. That was the love of my life,” McDonald said.

Fulton County police charged Brian Duffy with murder, but that doesn’t comfort the victim’s family.

“A life is not worth a car. He would've gave them the keys but they didn't give him the opportunity to respond,” McDonald said.

Family friend Marcus Coleman, who founded the “Save Ourselves Foundation, said it’s time to do something about the constant violence in the area.

He said the dilapidated buildings and abandoned businesses attract criminal activity, and the Chevron gas station owner in particular should take some action since police said several crimes have been committed there.

“You would think they would care a little more about the safety of the customers,” Coleman said.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes spoke to the station manager about these concerns Friday, and he said customer safety is not his responsibility.

Under the moon light and candlelight Friday night, family and friends told stories about Duffy.

Among the crowd at Welcome All Park, Oglesby's 7-year-old son who is now saying goodbye to his dad in the same park where they used to play together.

“He used to let me go play down at the playground. He taught me a lot of things, he was a great man.  I love him," his son, Shukran Oglesby, said.

"The dude was mad charismatic man.  Everybody loved him. You couldn't stay mad at him because he had a great sense of humor. He was just that guy," brother James Reid said.

Fulton County police arrested 25-year-old Brian Duffy in the case, but said they are still searching for another accomplice.

"I hope everybody else learns from what happened to the people who did this to my brother, what happened to my brother so we can learn from each other and be a community again," Reid said.

The healing process that perhaps started Friday, with plenty of light to help lead the way.

"Stop taking life for granted and promote love you know what I mean?  Because I’ll never get my brother back," Reid said.

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