South Fulton County

911 call reveals father's story about missing 7-year-old

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police have released the 911 calls made by a father who reported his daughter missing. He is now suspected in her death.

Michael Wash called 911 June 30 to report his daughter, Kammarie Wash, missing. 
"She was last seen here in my house, here this morning or last night. I'm sorry," Michael Wash said during the call.

The GBI confirmed last week that it was Kammarie found floating in Allatoona Lake by fisherman a day before the 911 call was placed.

The operator sounded concerned when she found out the age of the child.

“How old is your daughter?" the operator asked.

“Seven years old," Michael Wash said.

“Seven? Okay. And she was last seen last night?” the operator said.

“Yes last night, she went to sleep early," Wash said.

The 911 operator asked Wash what efforts he made to find his little girl.

“Have you tried to call any of her friends? Anything?” the operator said.

“I thought to call my mother, but she doesn't live here, to calm me down," Michael Wash said.

Within hours of responding to the family’s apartment, police announced that they were working a homicide case, and were no longer searching for a missing child.

Within 24 hours, Michael Wash and his live-in girlfriend, Lesherae Davis, were arrested and charged with a half-dozen crimes, to include concealing the death of another.

The operator asked Wash if he checked on her before bed. Investigators now think her body had been in the lake several days before it was discovered. %



"When you got home last night you went in and checked on her and she was there?" the operator asked.
"She was asleep last night," Wash said.

Wash and Davis will be in court Friday for an arraignment hearing. GBI medical examiners have not determined the exact cause of death.