Sorority finds creative way to send off sister going into surgery for cancer

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — A Fayette County woman with stage 4 cancer got what she calls the surprise of her life.

Her sorority sisters practiced social distancing, but managed to bring a much-needed smile to her face.

Channel 2's Carol Sbarge was near Northside Hospital, where Stacy Franklin is preparing to go into surgery tomorrow.

Franklin beat breast cancer six years ago. The cancer came back in January and is now in her lungs. Franklin is in her hospital room alone, but before going in for surgery, some dear friends left her with a lot of hope.

"My grandkids kept yelling my name like, 'Come here, we want to show you something!' Franklin said.

When she stepped outside, she couldn't believe what she saw.

“They brought pretty much a church service to my front lawn,” Franklin said. “Staying 6 feet apart from each other, 50 feet from my doorstep.”

They were 15 line sisters from throughout metro Atlanta with the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

"It was the most incredible and encouraging moment that I can think of," Franklin said. "It was so creative and so thoughtful and so needed."

Franklin is now isolated from family and friends because she would be at high risk of attracting coronavirus. She told Sbarge she had been kind of down about everything before her sisters showed up.

We wish Franklin all the best!

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