• Sister of '97 slaying victim speaks out about arrest


    ATLANTA,None - After Atlanta police said they've made an arrest in a 14-year-old murder investigation, the sister of the victim said an arrest brings some relief, but still more questions.


    James Cook died in 1997, but for years, police investigated the case as a missing persons case.


    Cook's sister, Nikhol Cook Caine, was always there, making calls, trying to push the case along.


    "No one knew anything. It was a dead end year after year after year, calling and trying to get any information. It was nothing, ever," she said.


    But police had not given up. In 2009, bones were found at the Fulton County Airport. DNA provided by Caine matched, and now after a long wait, an arrest has been made.


    On Tuesday, Atlanta Police brought Jermaine Carter back from Dallas, Texas and charge him in connection to Cook's death.


    "I have never seen him before. I've never heard of him. Nothing," Caine said after seeing Carter's mug shot.


    She said the most hurtful part of this is knowing Carter lived a normal life for so long, while she mourned for her brother.


    "That is very hurtful because, I mean, his life didn't change. He just went on. He lived life as if nothing had happened and he got away with it for a very long time,” Caine said.


    Carter now sits in the Fulton County jail awaiting a January court hearing. Police called the case active and are searching for the woman who was Carter’s girlfriend at the time of the killing.


    "The evidence is very good that this woman was either there when James Cook was there or shortly thereafter," said Atlanta police Detective Vince Valezquez.


    Despite the arrest, Caine said not much has changed for her. She is still left waiting for answers and remembering her older brother.


    "He was loved by many and he will be greatly missed," she said.

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