Secretary of State’s office launches new investigations into election wrongdoings

ATLANTA — The Secretary of State’s office said Monday that workers are continuing the presidential recount and they are expected to be completed Wednesday by midnight.

Brad Raffensperger also spoke about investigations into alleged wrongdoings in the election. He said there was a new investigation launched today into voting rights groups work ahead of the Senate runoff.

The allegations are that the groups are trying to encourage people from out of state to vote in the election. Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray reached out to those groups today who denied any wrongdoing.

The Secretary of State office shared a tweet from a New York City resident allegedly showing a postcard found on a New York front porch as justification for a new investigation into the New Georgia project.

Three other voting rights groups are also being investigated for allegedly encouraging out of state voters to vote in Georgia’s runoff.

“I have no idea what they are referring to. It’s almost ridiculous, but it’s very serious,” New Georgia Project CEO Nse Ufot told Gray.

Ufot said no one from the secretary of state’s office has contacted them about an investigation and that any claims the group is recruiting out of state voters are false.

“It’s in our name our focus is on Georgia, on Georgia voters,” Ufot said.

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It’s important to point out that the Secretary of State says these investigations are of specific instances of wrongdoing. There is still no evidence of widespread fraud as alleged by President Trump and others.

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There’s also a new investigation into an allegation in Gwinnett that the number of absentee ballots cast exceeds the number of envelopes. The office is looking into that allegation.

There is also a new lawsuit by President Trump’s allies that the Secretary of State’s staff said contained more fiction than fact.

“The ridiculous things claimed in some of these lawsuits are just that they are insanity made up fever dream Internet cabal,” said Gabriel Sterling, the office’s voting systems implementation manager.

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Trump is legally able to ask for a recount under Georgia law. President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump by just 0.25% in the state’s certified results — well under the 0.5% threshold that allows a recount.

The secretary of state ordered the first audit and hand recount. This one will be done by machines.

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