• Roswell man: Money among items disappearing in mail

    By: Craig Lucie


    ROSWELL, Ga. - A Roswell man and his neighbors said their mail and packages have been disappearing for three months.

    "It started back in August when I started to notice issues when I had clients from my home business telling me they were mailing me checks for payments for services. A long story short, they weren't showing up in the mail," Travis Gilbert explained to Channel 2's Craig Lucie.

    Gilbert said one of those checks was for a lot of money that they finally tracked down.

    "There was a point where we had about $6,000 that was sitting out in limbo with people saying they sent it to us. We're saying, 'No, we didn't receive it,'" Gilbert said.

    Gilbert told Lucie package after package has disappeared from his and his neighbors' front door steps.

    While Lucie and a photographer were at the Orion at Roswell Village apartments, they noticed mail boxes that a mail carrier had left open.

    "I've had issues with mail just not showing up. I've had issues with mail coming a month or week late," said Georgene Daniel, who lives in the apartment building next to Gilbert's.

    Gilbert said a collection agency even came after him at one point.

    "The final straw that broke the camel's back is when my own health insurer sent me a collections bill and I asked them, 'Why did you send it?' They said because they got return send mail saying you did not live here," said Gilbert.

    Gilbert said he contacted the Post Office.

    "They did admit that there was a problem with the carrier, but they couldn't go into detail," Gilbert said.

    Lucie spoke with a Post Office spokesman who said, "The Postal Service is aware of Mr. Gilbert's complaint and we are investigating. We take these matters very seriously, and urge any customer who suspects illegal activity involving the U.S. mail to report this activity to their local postmaster."

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