Rockdale County

Officials scramble to find poll workers after 7 test positive for COVID-19 at Rockdale Co. site

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — Rockdale County officials said all polling locations will be open on Thursday after seven poll workers at the Parker Road early voting site called out sick Wednesday after testing positive for COVID-19.

Channel 2′s Christian Jennings has learned one of those poll workers have been hospitalized.

“Hopefully they get better. Hopefully it will pass and they’ll be safe and secure,” voter Sherrette Thorton said.

Elections officials told Jennings they are now quickly making calls, going down their list of back-up poll workers to see who is willing to be on stand-by for the Senate runoff elections on Tuesday in case more test positive for the virus.

“They’re making big sacrifices by being here, for us to be able to come out and vote in person,” voter Adrian Reese said.

Voters told Jennings they feel a huge sense of gratitude for the essential workers.


“I think it just shows the importance of this election for them to put themselves on the line, for them to do their due justice and to help us get through this process. It’s big for them,” Thorton said.

The Rockdale County board of elections said it is taking extra precautions to protect both workers and voters.

They have hired a company to rapid test every worker on Monday and have someone coming into the building before voters arrive to sterilize and spray down the equipment and tables.

“I definitely felt safe. I thought they were taking a lot of precautions, everyone had masks on,” Reese said.

On Election Day, all 16 Rockdale County precincts will be open.

The work and safety precautions won’t end Jan. 5th. The county has a special election on Feb. 9 for the 90th House District.