Cobb County

GBI goes into detail about Cobb County’s signature audit investigation

ATLANTA — There are now six days left until the highly anticipated Georgia Senate runoff election.

And the results of a signature audit in Cobb County should come as a relief to most voters.

On Wednesday at the state capitol, agents from the GBI said they only found two problems out of more than 15,000 signatures they investigated.

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Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Justin Gray broke this story Tuesday on Channel 2 Action News at 5 and was at the news conference where officials went into detail about how they conducted the audit.

Gray said GBI officials had dozens of agents looking through randomly-selected signatures from absentee ballot envelopes from Cobb County. They examined the signatures and agents found only two problems: A spouse who signed her signature for her husband and someone who mis-signed the envelope.

“The standard that we set when we began this audit was as any other GBI investigation. We knew that there would be criminal cases that may come out of this potentially, so that was the standard we set out with with seasoned agents and seasoned investigators with the Secretary of State’s office,” said a GBI official.


Gray said there have been many questions surrounding this audit from people, like why Cobb County was chosen. That was where there was a specific allegation made about the signature match.

The Secretary of State’s Office said they have to have specific allegations of wrongdoing to investigate.

You can see the full report by CLICKING HERE.