Retired Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Karen Minton completes cancer treatment

ATLANTA — It’s nothing but sunshiny days ahead for Karen Minton.

The retired Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist completed the last of her 15 radiation treatments for her breast cancer Friday morning.

In September, Karen was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. She underwent surgery and radiation treatment at Piedmont Radiation Oncology.

Karen thanked the doctors at the oncology office saying, “Not only did you treat my cancer, but you cared for my well-being.”

Karen said she knows she’s lucky, but she’s also been diligent. Over the years, she always made time to keep up with cancer checks and medical follow ups, at times having mammograms at Piedmont Hospital every six months.

“I keep my checks going. I constantly go in when they tell me we have to have something looked at further, I do it. You have to find it early because I am not going anywhere,” Karen said.

Karen said she hopes telling her story will let others know they’re not alone.

“My number one goal is that someone watching today who gets that diagnoses will not be scared and to know that she has so many people out there to help her and to stand with her,” Karen said.

And she hopes that others will take her story as a reminder to get checked.

“My message to other women who put this off is please don’t. Please don’t put it off,” she said.