• Rabies threat raises concern for Henry County Animal Control

    By: Craig Lucie


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Henry County Animal Control officers picked up another fox Monday afternoon that could be infected with rabies.

    If it is positive, it would be their 10th case, which officers say is a big concern for them.

    While Channel 2’s Craig Lucie was interviewing the rabies control officer, he told him that he got a call that a dog attacked and killed a fox in Stockbridge.

    “This is very alarming,” said Rabies Control Officer Vince Farah.

    Farah says in his 29 years of working in Henry County, the number of recent cases is extreme.

    “Nine (cases) is strong number and a concerning number for me,” explained Farah.

    Angie Strickland is one of nine residents in Henry County who have seen a rabid raccoon or fox in their yard.

    Strickland has six dogs, and she said three of them attacked a rabid raccoon in front of her Locust Grove home.

    “He had multiple bite wounds on his front right leg, and a bite wound on his face. He is the one we are mainly concerned that could display some symptoms if any of them do,” said Strickland about her dog named Kilo.

    Strickland has to quarantine three of her dogs. They have to be revaccinated, kept in a pen for 45 days and closely observed.

    “It’s very hard to keep them penned up.  The children always play with them,” said Strickland.

    Vince Farah said animal control officers had more than 120 calls after they posted “rabies alert” signs in the Crown Springs Subdivision in McDonough. He says people should only call if they spot a wild animal that appears to be sick.

    “If you get one that is aggressive and charges at you or see one stumbling around, those are the ones we need to know about,” explained Farah.

    The signs will remain up for 31 days. Henry County animal control officers say a half mile radius in McDonough is under quarantine so residents need to revaccinate their outdoor animals immediately, and observe them for 45 days to make sure they don’t have rabies.  We will let you know if the fox tests positive as soon as we hear back from Henry County Animal Control.

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