• Police warn of curb painting solicitations

    By: Mike Petchenik


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Sandy Springs police are warning homeowners to be weary of a flyer soliciting money for curb painting.

    The flyers, which showed up on dozens of driveways this week, ask for $15 to paint the homeowner’s address on the curb in front of their home in order to make it easier for first responders to find it.

    “This is an important service, as the police, fire department and paramedics look at curbs first for your address,” the flyer reads.  “We would like to see everyone participate in this important safety campaign.”

    Homeowner Robie Seltzer said she was immediately skeptical of the offer.

    “It was almost like it was a requirement,” she said.  “You really gotta check it out.”

    Seltzer said she checked with police, who informed her not to participate in the solicitation.

    “I read it and I tossed it,” she said.

    Sandy Springs Crime Prevention Officer Larry Jacobs said flyers like that should immediately raise red flags for homeowners.

    “These flyers (have) no contact information on them,” he said.  “There’s no name, no phone number, web site.”

    Jacobs said it’s possible the offer is from a legitimate contractor, but he said the contractor doesn’t have a city permit, nor is it sanctioned by the city.

    “They like to get people worried.  You panic and go ahead and pay for it,” he said.  “You can do it yourself and there are legitimate companies you can find in the phone book or online who will do it for you.”

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