Police visited home 15 minutes before woman was shot, killed

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The man accused of killing his girlfriend and shooting an officer has not been caught days after the violent crimes.

Otis Walker, 27, has been on the run since police said he shot and killed Aleka Simmons in his home on Hodgdon Corner Cove on August 1.

Police said Officer Derek Nunn was also shot while responding to the shooting that killed Simmons. He was rushed to a hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Channel 2's Tom Jones learned officers were called to the home 15 minutes before the deadly shooting. Jones found a warrant that says Walker was arrested three weeks before Simmons' murder.

According to the warrant, officers saw Walker push and drag Simmons on July 11. After his arrest, Simmons helped bond him out, according to her friends.

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Family members of Simmons told Channel 2 Action News it is a tragedy how she lost her life.

"We're devastated. We're torn apart," said Simmons' brother, Roland Simmons.


Jones learned Aleka Simmons called 911 minutes before she was killed, stating she was being abused by Walker.

Officers arrived, but police said no one answered the door, so they left.

They later returned after getting another 911 call. That's when officers found Simmons dead.

"If they would have stayed the first time, this probably wouldn't have even happened," Roland Simmons said.

Roland Simmons said officers should have done more.

"He should have banged on the door. He should have tried to make somebody come to the door. He should have knocked on the neighbors' door," he said. "This could have been prevented. This could have easily been prevented."

"I told him weeks and weeks and weeks to leave her alone," said Walker's best friend, who also stated he saw police arrive the first and second time. "They left there. Probably about 15 minutes later, that's when they came back and that's when the firing started."

Before the shooting, Walker's best friend, who did not want to be identified, said he texted Walker, telling him he loved him.

"That's my best friend. I didn't want to see it go that way. I didn't," he said.

A fugitive squad continues to search for Walker. There's a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.