• Police: Uber driver pulled gun, threatened to kill valet


    ATLANTA - Police are investigating an Uber driver after they say he pulled a gun on a valet while waiting to pick up a customer.

     Police say the driver was outside JCT Kitchen in northwest Atlanta when a valet approached him.
    “That employee asked the Uber driver to move forward to park in a designated space, at which time an altercation ensued. Subsequently, that Uber driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at the employee and told him he was going to kill him,” Ralph Woolfolk of the Atlanta Police Department said.
    Police say the incident serves as a warning for people when using ride-sharing companies.
    “Anybody you get in a vehicle with – be cognizant that you do not know that person. Make sure to keep 911 ready to dial should something go wrong,”
    Uber issued a statement about the incident. 
    "Safety is Uber's #1 priority. We take reports like this seriously and are treating the matter with the utmost urgency. As a matter of policy, unless expressly permitted by law, driver partners are not allowed to carry weapons on a trip."
    A gun rights attorney says Georgia law does allow drivers to carry a firearm.
    “They don’t want their drivers carrying guns unless explicitly permitted by state law and in the case of Georgia, it is explicitly permitted. There’s a code section that says you can carry a gun in your car," attorney John Monroe said.
    Police have not arrested the driver, but say he could face an aggravated assault charge.

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