• Woman OK after being shot several times by home invaders

    By: Tom Jones


    FAIRBURN, Ga. - A relative of the woman who was shot several times after she ran and hid from home invaders said she is doing OK.

    But Otis Burden is hurting and angry over how the burglars were heartless to shoot a defenseless woman.

    "It just tears me up that they did this to her," Burden said.

    Burden said he is hurt over what he calls the senseless, heartless actions of home invaders who shot his niece multiple times after she ran and hid from them.

    "Well, you can't have heart when you're doing something like (that) to somebody. You can't have a heart, know what I'm saying? Why would you do that?" he said to Channel 2's Tom Jones outside the home on Estonian Drive.

    According to Fulton County Police, this was where Melissa Burke looked out her window after two hooded males rang her doorbell just after midnight Friday.

    Burke said she turned on her alarm and went back to bed. Later she heard the doorbell ring again, then heard the door chime and realized the burglars were inside.

    Detectives said Burke ran and hid.


    "But the perpetrators, multiple, located her and shot her," Detective Melissa Parker with the Fulton County Police Department said.

    Burke's uncle can't understand why they had to shoot her.

    "They just could have took what they wanted and left and not done that," Burden said.

    Police said Burke, who works in the Fulton County Marshal's Office in the Budget Department, managed to call 911 after the crooks left with her iPad.

    Officers said she was conscious and alert as she was transported to the hospital.

    Burden said he visited her and she is doing OK. He called her the best niece ever.

    "She's loving, caring, sweet. Give you the shirt off her back," Burden said.

    Burden is urging the invaders to turn themselves in. He said every moment they remain on the loose brings him pain.

    "It's just hurting; I'm about to make me cry," Burden explained.

    Officers did stop a stolen Honda they believe the burglars used to leave the scene. Police said the suspected invaders managed to jump out and get away.

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