Police: Armed carjackers escape after stealing van from CVS, crashing

ATLANTA — Carjackers are on the run after police say they stole a van from a CVS Pharmacy and later crashed it into a power pole.

The carjacking happened  around 8:30 Tuesday morning at the CVS off Boulevard in Grant Park.

Channel 2's Christian Jennings learned a pharmaceutical representative was making a delivery when the carjackers blocked her van with a black Nissan Altima.

That was when one of the carjackers took out a gun, pointed it at the woman and stole the van with the drugs still inside.

Police told Jennings the carjacker crashed the van into a power pole minutes later near Georgia Avenue and Hill Street in Grant Park.


Andrus Primidge and his wife came outside when they saw a man walk away from the crash. They didn't realize the man had been involved in the carjacking.

"She looks over at him and says, 'Are you OK?' Her main concern was thinking he was, you know, hurt," Primidge told Jennings.

"He gets in the car, doesn’t look at her. You know I think he glanced for a second and realized, you know, there’s a car waiting there."

The men were able to get away in the Nissan Altima, but police say they later ditched it. Police are still searching for the men, but they have not released descriptions of them.