Plan proposed by Atlanta councilman could put money in the pockets of low-income families

ATLANTA — Atlanta City Councilman Amir Farouki is proposing a program called Guaranteed Income. This plan would assist women who make low incomes and help get them out of poverty. The money received would be in addition to salary earned at work or any other subsidies.

“If we’re not trying to these things and being ambitious locally, then we’re never know if they’re going to work,” Farouki said.

Farouki says his three-year pilot program would not use any taxpayer dollars.

“Typically when you see these programs that are well established they tend to be funded by a national government or a federal government,” Farouki said.

The Guaranteed Income program would be for women in his district. He represents the Old Forth Ward section of Atlanta.

“We’re proposing a pilot program that would be funded through private philanthropic dollars, not city funds, county funds or state funds,” Farouki said.


The recipients of the program would potentially receive between $200 to $700 a month for three years.

Some of the participants would also have money invested for them. If the program is a success he says at that point they would need state or federal dollars to expand the program.

“This is really about dignity for the most vulnerable, folks who are working their tails off sometimes in 2 or 3 jobs and have a tough time making ends meet at no fault of their own,” Farouki said.