Passengers stranded in airports after major carrier cancels hundreds of flights

ATLANTA — Spirit Airlines canceled hundreds of flights across the country again Tuesday, leading to major meltdowns for travelers over the past couple of days.

Passengers at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are still dealing with the headaches of so many canceled flights.

Channel 2′s Steve Gehlbach spoke with frustrated flyers at Hartsfield-Jackson today.

“I’ve been in this line since 5 this morning,” said Edna Moore.

Moore’s flight to Chicago was canceled.

“It’s irritating. We are tired. We want to go home,” said Moore.

Spirit Airlines canceled more than 40% of its schedule on Monday and was on pace to do the same Tuesday.

By midday today, of the 31 canceled flights at Hartsfield-Jackson, 26 of those were on Spirit Airlines. This affected many, including a family of six waiting for a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

“Highly frustrating … kids like you said and losing money,” said the angry passenger who wished not to be identified.


Some passengers who tried creative ways to get around the cancellations still managed to get caught up in the midst.

A passenger, who tried to get to Houston from Chicago, bought another connection through Atlanta yesterday — only to get stranded. The passenger was forced to sleep at the airport.

A spokesperson for the airline called it a “Perfect Storm” going back to Sunday. Blame has been placed on the weather, staffing shortages and crews timing out on the hours they can fly.

In a statement, Spirit Airlines expressed, “We needed to make proactive cancellations to some flights across the network, but the majority of flights are still scheduled as planned.”