Women describe terrifying moments man pulled gun on them over coronavirus fear

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A metro Atlanta grandmother is describing the moment she thought she and her grandchild were going to die.

Sandra Wilson told Channel 2’s Michael Seiden that she and her granddaughter walked into a post office to check their mail and within seconds they both found themselves staring down the barrel of a gun.

“He literally pulled his gun out of his holster. When he pulled his gun out of his holster, all you could do is just think were we going to live? Were we going to die?” Wilson said.

“In the moment he was pointing it at us, my grandmother stepped in front of me because we didn’t know if we stepped a foot closer or if he would fire it,” granddaughter Shaniyah Carlton, 18, said.


Carlton and Wilson were both emotional as they walked Seiden through their terrifying encounter with Harvey Taratoot, 75, over the weekend when women, both wearing masks and gloves, went to check their mailbox at the post office on Webb Bridge Road in Alpharetta.

“He said, ‘Don’t come near me! Do you understand what’s going on? The coronavirus!’” Wilson said.

The women said they felt helpless as they stared down the barrel of his gun and tried to remain calm as Taratoot continued his rant.

Then all of a sudden, they said the Alpharetta man bolted for the exit, but not before he offered up an apology

“He put the gun in the holster and said, ‘I’m sorry I had to do that,’" Wilson said

“When he got to the door, (he said) ‘Don’t touch the door! The stuff on this door could kill you,’” Carlton said.

Carlton said she snapped a photo of Taratoot’s license plate and turned it over to police.

He's was arrested and facing charges.

“I’m thankful that God saved our lives that day,” Wilson said.

“That day changed my life forever,” Carlton said.

After all that happened, Wilson told Seiden that she forgives the suspect. She’s just grateful no one was injured or killed.