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Video shows man punch woman through car window in road rage incident

The search is on for a man who punched a woman in the face because she was too slow at a green light.

Video shows the man walk up to her car and then punch the 53-year-old woman through an open window.

Police say a witness started recording after he saw a man head toward a car at the intersection of Mayfield and Canton roads in Alpharetta.

Officers later identified the attacker as Fabien Perry.

It was a road rage incident that has people wondering what are drivers thinking of?

“You know, I just can’t fathom people doing that. It’s just... that is so sad,” driver Shelton Cochran told Channel 2′s Tom Jones.

“It should never happen. The guy’s out of line,” another driver said, not identifying themselves.


The incident happened Oct. 8. Officers say Perry first went to the woman’s car and cursed her out.

“I believe she tried to dial 911, which caused her to miss an additional light cycle,” said Officer Jeffrey Ross with the Alpharetta Police Department.

Police say that’s when Perry went back to her car and punched her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

Police say p=Perry hit another car as he drove away. He now faces several charges, including two counts of hit and run.

“Criminal trespass for kicking the vehicle. And the battery charge for striking the victim and leaving physical injury,” Ross said.

People say it just doesn’t make sense.

“It’s so sick. It’s just heartbreaking,” Cochran said.

Police are asking Perry to turn himself in. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call Alpharetta police.


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