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Pregnant mother attacked in park: 'All I cared about was my kid'

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — New details about the attack of a 23-year-old pregnant mother on an Alpharetta walking trail Tuesday are emerging through the 911 call she made to police.

“I’m at Wills Park,” the woman told dispatchers just before noon that day. “I was walking on the trail and he came up behind me with a knife and he tried to take me back into the barn area.  He was going to sexually assault me.”

The victim, whose name we are not reporting, told officers she had passed the man just moments earlier and exchanged greetings.

"He ended up following me and coming up back behind me," she said in the call obtained by Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

The victim told police the man put a knife to her neck and forced her to leave her 1-year-old daughter behind to walk to a nearby horse stable.

“I fought back and I got away from him,” she said. “I pushed him away. He cut me with his knife and sprayed me with pepper spray and I fought back. I started screaming and he got scared and ran.”


She told dispatchers her only goal was to make it back to her daughter.

“I have a baby with me already and I’m pregnant so I took off,” she said. “All I cared about was my kid. I thought he was running towards my kid.”

Police said the man was African-American, 30-35 years old, and was wearing a gray mechanic’s shirt with patches on it, gray pants and black shoes. The victim said he had a “five o’clock shadow.’”

Visitors to the park Thursday said they were concerned about what happened.

“It was a little alarming. Crazy to think about it happening here,” said Kristen Johnson, who grew up in the area. “I’ve walked here many times by myself so it’s a little scary.”

Dawnee Morgan told Petchenik the attack will make her think twice about walking alone.

“It doesn’t make me afraid, though,” she said. “You just can’t stop living. You just have to be more careful.”

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