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Police: Cellphone repair tech sent woman's pictures to himself

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A cellphone repair technician is in hot water after police say he hacked a customer’s phone to send himself very personal pictures of the victim.

Milton Police told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik a customer brought her broken phone to a store on Windward Parkway in June, and when she got it back, she noticed something wasn’t right.

“She noticed some text messaging on there that she did not recognize,” said Lt. Charles Barstow. “Pictures from her phone had been texted to a number she was not familiar with.  Those pictures were personal pictures.”

Barstow said the victim questioned the technician, Harmeet Singh. %



“She went down and confronted the person involved and asked him is this your number, he stated it was, and from there she filed a police report.”

Police arrested Singh last week and charged him with felony computer invasion of privacy.

“Even though he had the PIN code, there were only certain things he was allowed to do and he broadened that out,” said Barstow.

Barstow said detectives want to know if Singh hacked any other customers’ phones.


“We urge people who might have had their phone repaired to take a look at it and if there’s anything funny with it…please contact us,” he said.

Customers of a nearby store told Petchenik they were shocked to hear of the allegations.

“The customer trusts you, right? They just want you to repair their phone. She wouldn’t want you to go through their private stuff,” said Mansi Joshi.  “That’s the right thing to do so he doesn’t do it to any other customers.”

Carol Hampton told Petchenik she’s glad police arrested Singh.

“To think that someone else is taking stuff and doing something with your information is horrible,” she said.

Singh has bonded out of the Fulton County jail. Petchenik reached out to him via phone and e-mail for his side of the story, but as of Monday afternoon, he had not heard back.

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