• Woman held captive was forced to dance at strip clubs, mother says

    By: Mike Petchenik


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A mother says her daughter was among six women held captive in a million dollar home in Sandy Springs. She said her daughter was forced to dance at a strip club and threatened with a gun.

    The man accused of holding the women, Kenndric Roberts, waived his bond hearing in court Thursday morning.

    Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik met with the woman’s mother at the hearing, where she said she wanted to make sure that the suspect remained in jail and away from her daughter.


    The woman’s daughter, along with the other women, were freed Tuesday after one of them called 911 from the home on Strauss Lane.

    "I'm in a very bad situation and I need to get out,” one of the girls told an 911 operator. “He's dangerous. This is a guy that preys on girls."

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    The mother of one of the daughters, who asked not to be identified, said Roberts met her daughter through SeekingArrangement.com.

    “He promised them things, that he would help them,” the mother said. “He made each one of them sign a contract."

    She said Roberts lured her daughter to the home with the promise of a lavish lifestyle.

    “After he got them, gave them all these gifts and everything, then the guns came out, then the threats came out,” the woman said.

    "He told them they were free to leave, but, ‘If you so choose to, I will find you and kill you,’” the woman said.

    Police charged Roberts with human trafficking and false imprisonment. He remains in jail.

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