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Details from Zoom call contradict story missing woman’s husband told police about her disappearance

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has exclusively obtained video of Xavier Breland Jr. being questioned about the disappearance of his wife, Ciera Locklair Breland.

In the video, he says she’s been kidnapped, which is dramatically different from what he told police.

The big question is how would Breland Jr. know his wife Ciera had been kidnapped and that she wasn’t coming home? It’s notable he told two of his stepchildren that somebody took her, especially in light of what a Johns Creek Police captain told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne on Tuesday.

A contact, who told Winne that she is close to the mother of two of Breland Jr.’s children, said the Zoom call was a video visitation between Breland and the kids allowed under a Fulton County judge’s permanent order of protection, protecting Ciera Locklair from Breland.

“Somebody kidnapped my wife,” Breland Jr. is heard saying on the Zoom call.

“She’s not coming home, bud,” he tells one of the children on the call.

Johns Creek Police Captain Todd Hood told Winne that account differs from the one he gave police.

“What did Xavier Breland tell police in Indiana when he reported Ciera Locklair Breland missing?” Winne asked Hood.

“That she had just walked away from the residence the night before,” Hood said.

“He did not say that she was kidnapped?” Winne asked Hood.

“No. According to Carmel, Indiana Police Department, that’s correct. That’s not what was passed on to us,” Hood said.

Winne’s contact told him the Zoom call was recorded Feb. 28.

Breland Jr. Has been named a person of interest in the case.


The Zoom recording frequently switches between images of the man our contact identifies as Breland Jr. and the children.

“She’s my best friend. She’s my wife. She’s been missing about four days,” Breland Jr. said during the call. “I called the police and the police came to the house and they did a search warrant on the house and on both of the cars and they brought the dogs to try to sniff for her.”

Winne’s contact said she provided us the video partly because Breland Jr.’s suggestion to the children that Ciera had been kidnapped raises questions about how he would know that, given what little information police have disclosed.

“Somebody took her,” Breland Jr. said during the Zoom call.

Winne’s contact acknowledges at one point Breland Jr. suggests he knows something is really wrong because Ciera would not have willingly left without a third child -- the five-month-old son they had together.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said Breland Jr. was extradited from Indiana.

“He’s in our custody in the Coweta County Jail,” said Toby Nix with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Records show Breland was wanted in Coweta County on an aggravated stalking indictment and a not-guilty plea unrelated to Ciera’s disappearance.

“I’m gonna find my wife, OK,” Breland Jr. said during the Zoom call. “My heart is broken.”

Hood told Winne that the last confirmed sighting of Ciera by police was in Johns Creek.

“At this point, Xavier Breland Jr. is not charged with a crime in connection with Ciera’s disappearance?” Winne asked Hood. “That’s correct,” Hood replied.

Channel 2 Action News has made several efforts to try to get Breland Jr.’s side, including trying to reach defense attorneys by phone and email.

Winne went to an address we understand belongs to a relative of Breland Jr.’s. The person behind the door told him to go away.